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A journey through the deepest layers of your soul with Breathwork, Cocoa and Psilocybin


incl. overnight stay

Nijmegen area

Do you feel that you are ready for a journey to the deepest layers of your soul?

Would you like to work with plant medicines, but is Ayahuasca still a step too far?

Then this might be something for you!



Since the spring of 2022, in addition to BRTT® & Traumarelease Breathwork®, I have also been allowed to work with the plant medicine CacaoBliss and, together with Anita Sophia, I provide a monthly magical and healing ceremony in collaboration with this plant medicine.


After years of experience with microdosing and psilocybin travel, I have been able to discover how this wonderful medicine can open new doors. We have already been able to guide many beautiful souls on one


magical and healing inner journey with this beautiful plant medicine.



In this ceremony we take; Sanne & Anita Sophia take you through the deepest layers of your being.


With Cacao Bliss x Traumarelease Breathwork (TRB®) we join forces and together we create a safe bed where you can make your inner journey in collaboration with TRB® and the plant medicine CacaoBliss.


This ceremony is suitable for anyone who wants to give more value to his or her life and is willing to dive into the depths to do so.




  • releasing patterns that no longer serve you

  • healing old traumas and unprocessed emotions

  • it can help you with questions about your life path

  • reduce burdens

  • increase awareness

  • more in touch with your body and soul

  • reduce/break through fear, panic, depression or burnout complaints

  • breaking addictions

  • spiritual discovery

  • obtaining answers and/or insights

  • reduction of stress and tension complaints

  • Migraine complaints

  • Chronic pain complaints

  • Insomnia

  • Pain complaints

  • Hyperventilation

In collaboration with this Psilocybin-containing bonbon and breathwork, we make a journey to the roots / origin of your complaint or request for help.




After the reception we start our ceremonies with a Trauma Release Breathwork journey. This is how we get out of our heads and more into our bodies.

TraumaRelease Breathwork® (TRB®) creates space to rid yourself of stored tension, emotions and trauma.


During the breathwork you experience a combination and/or interaction of thoughts, feelings, emotions and experience. It can also be experienced as a kind of trance.


Breathing brings us to the core of our deeper tensions, traumas, blockages, patterns and thoughts.


Because you enter a different state of consciousness in this way, blockages can be broken.


Often we work with drawing an intention card and share our own intention in a connecting circle. We open the ceremony after which you receive the chosen medicine.


You can also choose to receive Rapéh. This sacred shamanic medicine will, among other things, help you ground before you start your journey and open your third eye more.


During the Ceremony we use aromatherapy, sound healing and soul music for a wonderful experience. In principle, it is your inner journey that you make yourself, but our trauma guidance has been informed to be able to support you extra in your pieces if necessary.


We work with ChocoBliss for this ceremony.


ChocoBliss helps you open your heart, get closer to yourself and supports you in becoming who you really are.


The raw cocoa, more than 28 supporting herbs, psilocybin and caapi help you to expand your consciousness, gain insights and heal the past or pain.


ChocoBliss is a loving and accessible medicine because the intensity can be built up as desired during the ceremony.





  • Soft and feminine character

  • A real heart opener!

  • Because of Caapi, the Medicine overlaps with Ayahuasca and deep healing is possible

  • Can reach deep layers despite its softness

  • Perfect introduction to Plant Medicine



March 25, 2023

April 22, 2023

May 20, 2023

June 17, 2023

sat. 15.00 till sun. 10.00

Do you feel ready to embark on this inner journey?

Exchange: € 290,-


If you are interested / register, we will schedule a telephone contact with you.


After registration we will send you a payment request for a partial down payment. After payment of this, your place in the ceremony is reserved for you.


You will also receive further information from us regarding the diet to be followed in advance and further information about the ceremony.




In some cases it is unfortunately not possible to participate in this ceremony.


Use of medication such as: antidepressants, antipsychotics, sleeping pills, etc., for example, do not go together with the plant medicine.


In a short telephone intake, we will see together whether participation is possible for you.


Are you in doubt? Feel free to ask us your question.


Participation from 21 years.




Overnight stay


You stay overnight after the ceremony.


Food and drinks are included.




This ceremony has a maximum of 9 participants.


Medicine & teachers


We work with ChocoBliss and optional Rapé.


​In addition, Traumarelease Breathwork® is used. A journey through the body based on 7 different forms of breathing, which take you down to the deepest layers of your body memory.


Strength of the Medicine


★★★★☆ (Novice and experienced travelers are welcome)


Our CacaoBliss contains 100% natural and legal psilocybin containing products.

Handmade with Love.


Ceremonial raw Cacao, Caapi, Psilocybin, herbs to open your heart.


Our supervisors/therapists are experienced in working with plant medicines and specialized trauma therapists.

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2022-08-14 16.26.26-1.jpg


We; Sanne (Holistic Trauma Therapist and Trauma Release & Breathwork Facilitator at Praktijk Innergy) and Anita Sophia (Holistic Therapist & Plant Medicine Facilitator)

regularly provide workshops and ceremonies aimed at healing:

  • old trauma pieces

  • limiting beliefs

  • stored stress & tension

  • pinned emotions


These ceremonies are also all aimed at spiritual growth, connecting with yourself, taking back control of your own life (responsibility), awareness, self-love and inner growth.​


- Trauma release ceremony

(Body Remembers Trauma Therapy® & Trauma Release Breathwork®)

- CacaoBliss x Traumarelease Breathwork®

(Breathwork + Plant Medicine)

- Rite of the Womb

(Cocoa Ceremony + ritual incl. training & certificate)

- Soul Retrieval / Soul Retrieval

(Field, body and breath work)


Afgelopen zaterdag 10 september een breathwork en cacao ceremonie mogen meemaken en ervaren bij Sanne die samen met Anita Sophia echt een uniek, krachtig en veilig veld hebben gecreëerd voor hun cacao ceremonies.
Allereerst hebben we breathwork gehad van Sanne, dit was voor mij helemaal nieuw en ik heb echt ervaren wat de kracht ervan is. Wat een unieke ervaring en het maakte veel los.
Na de breathwork heb ik een hele mooie reis mogen maken met de cacao ceremonie en mede door het veilige gevoel dat Sanne en Anita je geven heb ik mij volledig in de ceremonie kunnen overgeven en het kunnen ervaren. Erg dankbaar en nagenieten van dit mooie cadeau, iets om nooit te vergeten

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